Vacation Reimbursement 

Eligibility Guidelines

    • Student must be enrolled for 12 consecutive months before they are eligible for a vacation week.

    • 12 months of consecutive enrollment starts from the most recent enrollment date.

      • This is a clarification for parents that dis-enroll for a period of time and re-enroll at a later date.

    • Families will not be able to use their reimbursed vacation week during their 30 day disenrollment notice.

    • Family’s financial account must be in good standing.

    • Must give notice 4 full weeks in advance by form submission.

    • Vacation week must consist of 5 consecutive days the child will not attend SFEI.

    • Reimbursement is not transferable to any other student or member of SFEI.

      • One week, per 12 months, per student enrolled

Program Effective Date

    • September 1st is the start of the new “Week of Reimbursed Vacation Policy.”

    • If a parent chooses to use the Reimbursed Vacation Week Program in the 1st 30 days of implementation the 4 week notice will be waived.

    • One week reimbursed vacation cannot be carried to the next school year.

Submission Processes

  • Parent is to submit a vacation week reimbursement request form to front desk, giving at least a 4 week advance notice.

  • The front desk will mark the receipt of the form, then log it in the front desk vacation folder and organize forms by date of vacation.

  • An email will be sent acknowledging receipt of the request stating the dates of when they will receive reimbursement and how the Automated Clearing House (ACH) will be drafted as regularly scheduled.

  • The request will then be given to book keeper, for reimbursement payout by company check.

  • A notice of monthly detail will be given to administration to track the lack of attendance each week.

Reimbursement Payout Process

  • After vacation reimbursement form is submitted to the book keeper, a company check is written to the parents for the week of reimbursed tuition, and the check will be given to parents prior to 1st ACH week. We are not modifying the ACH due to the cost involved with each modification.

  • E.g. If the parents pay once a month in December, then Prior to 12/1 a check will be given to parents to reimburse them for the week of tuition in December requested.

    • This will allow ACH to be as regularly scheduled with no disturbance.