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Curriculum & Instruction

Educational Toys
Frog Street Birth to Five

Frog Street partnered with early childhood experts to create specifically curated activities rooted in evidence based research.   The domains targeted at every age are cognitive development, physical development, social emotional development, and language development.  As children grow they build on their learning continuously.  When they reach their Pre-K class each child is integrating foundational learning to achieve new skills seamlessly.  Prioritizing foundational learning prepares children for successful inquiry based learning in the classroom and beyond.  Our curriculum, complete with all resources for implementation, is designed to connect with children's curious nature to joyfully explore all day long with hands-on materials and activities, chants, early literacy, mathematic reasoning, music and movement, and creative problem solving.  

Infant (0-18 months)

PreK 3 (36-48 months)

Toddler (18-36 months)

PreK 4 (48-60 months)

STEAM Learning

STEAM Education is the approach to learning that includes components of science, technology, engineering, arts, math to promote inquiry, discussion, problem- solving, and collaboration. Successful STEAM programs grow children's ability to take thoughtful risks, participate in meaningful learning, continue resilient learning, seek patterns, stay curious and always explore.  We beginning specifically channeling STEAM learning in the three year old classrooms and scaffolding learning through the five year old classes.  When children reach Pre-K they practice, building structures, integrating technology with early coding skills, and present their findings to an audience.

Conscious Discipline 


Conscious Discipline is an evidence-based, researched-backed social and emotional learnings. The Conscious Discipline program teaches adults ways to shift the way they see conflict in order to respond to difficult situations rather than react to them.  Adults who are able to self-regulate, create opportunities to co-regulate with children. Successful co-regulation is the foundation for teaching independence and self-regulation. 


Conscious Discipline Brain State Model

The Brain State Model describes the ways we respond to external and internal stimuli.  More specifically, Conscious Discipline teaches adults how to support, connect, and guide children through emotional regulation in safe meaningful ways. 


School Family

The School Family promotes connections between adults and children.  This connection allows for the emotional safety required to encourage judgement free place for inquiry, exploration, and regulation. The School Family environment is cultivated through consistent routines, procedures, and structured modelling. 


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