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Enrollment and Wait List


Employees and contractors of the Johnson Space Center may become members of SFEI at anytime of the year for an annual membership fee of $25 (prorated quarterly from September). Membership represents a share of ownership of the company and the member is entitled to establish a place on the waiting list or enroll a child in the facility, vote at SFEI elections, participate in SFEI surveys, participate in Board of Director meetings, become an SFEI committee member or chairperson, or run for a Board of Director position.

Wait List

SFEI maintains a waiting list of parents who desire enrollment for their child(ren) at SFEI. All openings at SFEI are filled from the waiting list. Only SFEI members who already have children, are pregnant, or have begun the process of adoption are eligible to join the list.


To place a child on the waiting list, the parent completes an SFEI Membership Application form and submits the form and membership dues to the center.  The Director will assign a confidential identification code for each child listed on the form and place each child on the waiting list in the appropriate age group category. The Director will then provide the identification code(s) to the parent via email.


The children on the waiting list are prioritized based on the employer group of the parent (civil servant or contractor) and a “point system.” The waiting list is published on the SFEI web page. Only identification codes are published. The identification codes for each age group are listed in priority order with corresponding “earliest enrollment dates (EED)” and number of points. The published waiting list is updated once per month. Discrepancies in the published waiting list should be immediately reported to the Director.


When an opening occurs in the center, the parent of the child with the highest priority in the associated age group is contacted by the Director and offered the spot. At that time, the parent will be informed of the available start date for their child. Upon acceptance of the spot, the parent then registers their child with the center and pays all associated fees.

Enrollment Capacity

Currently, the center can accommodate 140 children, ranging in age from 0 to 5 years (infant through pre-kindergarten).  Age, group sizes and number of teachers per room for the school year are as follows (note that the ages listed represent the ages of the children as of September 1st)

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