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   Enrichment  Programs

Sign Language

Sign Language is taught weekly to all age levels and is a literacy based program that reinforces concepts in the established classroom curriculum. Sign language gives children a way of communication before their verbal skills fully develop. Emotionally, children will be less frustrated and develop a greater since of self confidence. 

Music and Movement


​Music and Movement classes are taught weekly to all age levels with the goal to give the children experiences in the seven fundamental readiness skills: balance, general coordination, body image, laterality, tactile touch, hand-eye coordination and audio receptive/audio expressive language skills.

Dance Tree


Dance Tree offers a basic learning readiness dance class for children ages 2-3. This class is designed to develop motor skills and body awareness.  In addition, Dance Tree offers a creative dance class for children ages 3-5, as an introductory course in the basics of tap, ballet and tumbling. Routines are taught in tap and ballet for each age level to be performed in a spring recital. Extra Fee

Tumble Bus

Sports and Play

Sports and Play offers children ages 2-5 the opportunity to experience and learn skills for a range of sports including: soccer, basketball, baseball. flag football, and much more. Extra Fee

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