Enrichment & Extracurricular Programs

Sign Language

Sign Language is taught weekly to all age levels and is a literacy based program that reinforces concepts in the established classroom curriculum. Sign language gives children a way of communication before their verbal skills fully develop. Emotionally, children will be less frustrated and develop a greater since of self confidence.


Is a program designed to allow children ages 3-5 an opportunity to explore science, technology, engineering and math concepts each week with a fun and developmentally appropriate project. Each weeks project includes steps to complete each the activity and basic vocabulary to enhance learning.  

Music and Movement

Music and Movement classes are taught weekly to all age levels with the goal to give the children experiences in the seven fundamental readiness skills: balance, general coordination, body image, laterality, tactile touch, hand-eye coordination and audio receptive/audio expressive language skills.

Dance Tree


Dance Tree offers a basic learning readiness dance class for children ages 2-3. This class is designed to develop motor skills and body awareness.  In addition, Dance Tree offers a creative dance class for children ages 3-5, as an introductory course in the basics of tap, ballet and tumbling. Routines are taught in tap and ballet for each age level to be performed in a spring recital.

Tumble Bus

The Tumble Bus is a full-sized school bus converted into a safe and fun gymnasium containing the following equipment: Bars, beam, vault,  trampoline, rings, zip line and monkey bars.​ Classes for children age 2-5  are structured with weekly lesson plans  and taught by certified instructors.

Sports and Play

Sports and Play offers children ages 2-5 the opportunity to experience and learn skills for a range of sports including: soccer, basketball, baseball. flag football, and much more.